Almora Hill Station - Almora Overview

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Almora – Almora Center of Kumaon

Almora, this bewitching hill station is located at an standard height of 1,638 metres and is extend across a 5 km edge atop Kashyap Hill. Being bounded by the decreasing pines and old oaks, the city has a heavenly aura that is sufficient to attraction the backpackers. To make the landscape even more mesmerizing, the snow-capped Himalayas stand in utmost grandeur to satisfy the visitant.
The position owes its name to kilmora a small plant found in the close by regions, used for washing utensils of Katarmal shrine. The people who use to convey the plant was referred to as Kilmori or Almori. Hence, the municipality came to be known as Almora.

Why Visit Almora?

Almora is well-known for its attractive beauty, panoramic sight of the Himalayas, rich enriching heritage, single handicrafts and tasty cuisines. The charming scenery of Almora attracts hundreds of tourists each year as it is one of the business hubs of Kumaon region. Chitai Golu Devta holy place and Nanda Devi shrine are the well-known temples of Almora. Kasar Devi, built on a mountain peak close to Kalimuth.

Place to visit in Almora

Jageshwar : Jageshwar is located at an altitude of 1,870 mts on top of sea level and at a distance of 37 kms from Almora. Jageshwar is an significant traveler destination of Kumaon and receives thousands of visitors each year. It is located amidst dense Deodar woods with a stream flowing at its backyard.

Kasar Devi : Kasar Devi just 8 kms from Almora, Kasar Devi is a hushed hamlet located in the quiet of verdant Kumaon hills. One of the a lot of hidden charms in Uttarakhand, Kasar Devi village derives its name from the namesake local divinity, Kasar Devi. A Devi holy place erected in her reverence is a well-liked pilgrimage destination in the locality of Almora.

Simtola : Simtola is a well-known picnic spot opposite to a horseshoe edge, which offers a panoramic sight of the delicious terrains and the close by hazy valleys.

Kalimat : Kalimat is a fairy tale hamlet situated in the Hawalbag Tehsil of Almora region. This village comes below kalimat Panchayat. It is situated about 5 km North of region head office Almora and 201 km from Dehradun.

Chitai Golu Devta Temple : The well-known holy place of Chitai Almora is the Golu Devta Chitai holy place, devoted to Gollu or Goljyu Devta an Avtar (incarnation) of Lord Shiva in the form of Gaur Bhairav. though there are lots of temples of Golu Devta in Almora but the Chitai Golu Devta holy place is the mainly blessed one.

Lakhudiyar Rock Painting : The Lakhudiyar Walls positioned in the Barechhina township of the Almora region of Uttarakhand. It is a wonderful portion of history that is preserved in the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand. It depicts the life of the early man through the period of Stone Age. The Lakhudiyar is positioned at the banks of the Suyal River in Almora.

Activities in Almora

Almora offers huge array of activities for the tourists and backpackers similar. If one is travelling between October and March, the gripping view of the snow-clad peaks of Himalayas is balancing.

Adventure activities : The rugged terrain and swelling hills of Almora makes it a ideal spot to attempt some adventure activities to examination your strength and patience.

Cycling : Cycling is a enjoyable and healthy method to discover the close by surroundings at Almora. One can cycle during the dense woods region of Binsar Wildlife with family and all.

Shopping : Almora has single of the major markets in Kumaon district and a ideal spot for shop alcoholic. Nature Walks : The natural attractiveness that encompasses the environs of Almora is quite breathtaking. The opportunity of exploring this gorgeous area would be hard to resist.

Best time to visit Almora?

Almora, the summer capital of the Chand Kings of Kumaon, is most excellent when visited throughout the spring-summer season, i.e. between March and May. throughout this time, the weather is such that it provides for a enjoyable interval from the boiling heat that other states of the country knowledge. It is also a superior time for outside and adventure activities like trekking and hiking. Almora sees a big number of trekkers union adventure clubs and situation out on an exciting expedition during the picturesque surrounds. The winter period (November to February) on the other hand is cold and may not be everyone’s choice of a traveler destination, but off-beat travellers can make the mainly of the season. Monsoons, the time between July and September, mostly affect outside activities and are, therefore, not recommended to tourists who wish to explore Almora.

How to Reach Almora

By Air : The adjacent airport is situated at Pantnagar, about 110 km from Almora, which is typically a 4-hour drive. The Pantnagar Airport is less of a commercial airport and used more by confidential charters.

By Bus : You can get the Uttarakhand Roadways buses for Almora from ISBT in Anand Vihar in New Delhi. The trip takes about 10–12 hours via NH 24, which connects Delhi to Rampur via Hapur. At Rampur, you require to rotate north on NH 87, which will get you to Almora.

By Train : The adjacent railway station which is situated 90 km away from Almora. The most excellent method to go forward is to hire a taxi from Kathgodam to Almora.