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Chamoli Travel Information Guide

Chamoli is a town and a district of Uttarakhand state. This city is under natural department northern mountainous area. Its average height is approximately 4,500 feet, but somewhere higher than 10,000 feet. Chamoli is situated in the middle of the middle of the Himalayas.
The Alaknanda River is a famous river, which originates from the Zaskar range of Tibet. The area of Chamoli is approximately 3,525 square miles. In the summer there is cold and pleasant weather here. Snow is snowy and high peaks become snowy. Chamoli is well-rounded with forests, which has abundance of paddy, bangoke and oak etc. The fruits are also adequate here. In animal husbandry, sheep, goats, horses and yak are kept here.

Tourism in Chamoli

This snowfall in the Chamoli of Uttarakhand has put the tourism of the district on four days. Even in the winter season, the snowy tourists have been enjoying the tourists from Chamoli district. To see these peaks of snowfall, there comes so many tourists whole year. In Chamoli district, mountain ranges like Nanda Devi, Nilkanth, Elephant horse sedan, Trishul, Kamet, Ghangaria etc. are now covered with snow. The tourists are dragged to see the people.
Chamoli natural beauty has always attracted tourists from her. There are several such temples in Chamoli district that attract thousands of devotees in their number. There are many such big and small temples in Chamoli and there are many places that provide accommodation. Tea is a type of cottage situated on the banks of the Alaknanda river. Chamoli is situated in the middle of the middle of the Himalayas. The Alaknanda river is a famous river which comes out from the Turbat's Zaskar range. The area of Chamoli is 3,525 square miles.

Famous sites in Chamoli

Badrinath is one of the main religious places of the country. This is one of the four dhams. Sri Badrinath Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It was founded by Adi Shankaracharya. After this it was built by the Garhwal kings two centuries ago. Badrinath is divided into three parts - GarbhGrah, Darshan Pavpand and Ganga Pavp.

Taptkund - On the banks of the Taptkund - Alkhananda river is situated. The water of this pool is quite hot. It is necessary to take bath in this hot water before entering this temple. This temple opens every year in April-May. During the winter it is closed in the third week of November. Along with this there are four Badri in Badrinath which is known by the name of Panch Badri.

Hemkund Sahib - Hemkund is also known as Snow Lake. It is located at an altitude of 4329 meters above sea level. There are seven mountains covered with snow, which are known as Hemkund Mountains. Apart from this, Gurdwara, which is in the shape of wire, is near this lake, one of the main religious places of Sikhism. Here all Hindus and Sikh devotees come from all over the world to roam around. It is believed that Guru Gobind Singh Ji, who was the tenth Guru of the Sikhs, had austerity here. The best time to visit here is from July to October.

Chipko movement - The famous 'Chipko movement' in the history of India started with Chamoli. This was an important movement to stop the deforestation. Under this movement 26 March 1974, peaceful and non-violent protests were demonstrated in the forests of Chamoli district. The main objective of this movement was to prevent the deforestation happening for the business and to prevent this, the women had stood sticks to the trees.

How to Reach Chamoli

The nearest railway station is Rishikesh. The nearby airport is the Jolly Grant Airport. It is located 221 kilometers from Chamoli.
Buses from Chamoli to Dehradun, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Nainital and Almora from everywhere.