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Lansdowne Travel Information Guide

Located in Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand state, Lansdowne is a beautiful and clean hills station. Lansdowne is situated at an elevation of 1706 meters above sea level. In my lifetime, I have visited many tourist spots of India year. And many tourism sites have been known so many times. It has also been possible because it is also a part of my business and business.

In my life till now, I have gone to any tourist place of India. I did not see more clean tourist places than Lansdowne. The system of cleanliness of this tourist spot is worthy of praise in reality.
Such a system of cleanliness may also be because, this entire area is the military camp of the Garhwal Rifles. This camp is also a stronghold of the Garhwal Rifles. As much as the cleanliness is in its maintenance, the same purity is also present in the environment. The credit goes to farai chad trees and other wild estates in the hills of Ghatio.
Which provide harmony with harmony as well as greenery and scenic surroundings. The Himalayas' snow-covered chariots and the quiet atmosphere of the affectionate scenes attract the mind of the tourists.
This beautiful Hills station was built by the British in 1887. Earlier this place was known as Callunda. At that time, it was renamed (Lansdowne) after the name of the Viceroy of India Lord Lansdowne.

Places to visit in Lansdowne

There is plenty to look for in this area, full of natural beauty. Tip-in-top can be used to enjoy the natural shade. From here, snowy peak and panoramic views can be seen. A few villages and small villages can easily be seen among them. The sight of the rising sun from behind looks amazing. In clear weather, there are long chains of snow-covered mountains. There is also the St. Mary's Church more than 100 years old. The BhullaTal is very famous here. This is a small lake where boating facilities are available. In the evening, the beautiful view of the sunset is seen from Santoshi Mata Temple. This temple is built on the high hill of Lansdowne. By the way, there is also the Tadheshwar temple some kilometers away. This is the ancient temple of Lord Shiva. It is also considered as a perfect bench. It is located at an altitude of 2092 meters on the mountain. The entire temple is surrounded by palm and cedar trees. This whole area is beautiful and peaceful as well. The tourists also come here for adventure sports like mountain climbing, biking, cycling.

Bhulla Tal : Bhulla Tal is a small and beautiful lake dedicated to the heroic martyr of the Garhwal Regiment. Its length is 140 meters and width is 40.5 meters. But in this small lake you can enjoy boating. There are many beautiful hints around the lake. While sitting you can enjoy the scenes of nature. If you are enjoying the scenes of nature while sitting here, your children will not be disturbed by your children, they also have sports swings and swings, and other tools for recreation. A wire from the part of the lake and its surroundings is the Boundry. Outside the Boundry, there are many beautiful resorts and a restaurant. There is a separate charge for entering the lake and boating.

Tip-n-top : Tip n top of Bhulla sesame is about 1.5 kilometers away. From the route going to Bhlula Tal, a route goes up tip n top to the top. Tip n top is the peak of this mountain area. From where on the Himalaya Mountains the snow covered hills are seen. And thousands of feet depth downwards. There is also a small smallcottage and a restaurant. In these cottages you can stay in the night. There is no charge for View Point except for a car parking fee of 20 rupees.

Garhwal Regiment Museum : This museum is located near the Cantonment Headquarters and Parade Ground. The history, and weapons of the Garhwal Regiment have been kept in this concert.

How to reach Lansdowne :

Lansdowne is 270 kilometers away from India's capital Delhi. It can be reached by various routes here.
Lansdowne can be easily accessed by road. It is linked to many cities. Private and government buses go to Kotdwar, from which Lansdowne is about 40 km away.

Railway : The nearest railway station is Kotdwara Station. From there the taxi or government bus etc. can be reached at Lansdowne.

Airport : Nearby airport The nearest airport is Joulegrant Airport, which is about 152 km from Lansdowne.