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Pithoragarh Travel Information Guide

Pithoragarh district lies in the easternmost part of Uttarakhand which is a Himalayan district of that provides the natural landscape view of high Himalayas, snow-capped mountains, valleys, forests, and waterfalls, rivers, springs and glaciers. The nursery of flora and fauna also get safe habitat here so that it has the rich ecological diversity. So many temples are also found here along with the ruined forts. These forts and temples are built during Chand Kingdom/Chand Kings ruled over here.

History Of Pithoragarh

After conquest by Bharatpal, it was ruled by three Pals generations in 14th Century and parts extended from Pithoragarh to Askot. Bharatpal was the Rajwar of Uku which lies in Nepal today. Later it was taken by Bijaya Brahm(Bam) from Doti Nepal until Bharti Chand replaced the Bam by defeating them in 1445. They rule there safely till 17th century and built several forts and temples during that period. Later British empire started to rule over there by 1815 and forced to sign Sugauli Treaty for the military authority to be given to Gurkhas(Nepali warriors). Later after British empire ended, India captured that part and today it lies in Uttrakhand India. After 1997, Pithoragarh separated from Champawat district and its different district now.

Places to visit in Pithoragarh:

Pithoragarh is covered with many higher mountains which are over 7,000 m high like, Sunanda Devi, Hardeol, Trishuli and other mountains higher than 6,000m are Rishi Pahar, Panchachuli II, nanda kot, etc Some famous fort are in the ruined condition but still visitors can visit there.
Beside this, some of the famous waterfalls of pithoragarh are Lim Bagudiyar Fall, Birthi Fall, Pilsitti fall, Garaun fall.

Little Kashmir : Pithoragarh is known as the main hill resort. The scenic beauty here attracts tourists more towards you. Pithoragarh is situated at an elevation of 1,851 meters above sea level. Pithoragarh is also known as Little Kashmir. Pithoragarh is the beautiful-beautiful district of beautiful valleys. The river is the district of the valleys. The natural beauty is scattered here in the river valleys. The beauty of the stairs is fascinated by the beauty of the fields. The majestic mountains of the mountains enchanted the lovers. Rivers-Kalvasan gives superhuman joy to nature lovers.

Lodging and resting house : There is adequate arrangement for lodging and lodging in Pithoragarh town. There is a house of 24 beds. The Forest Department and the Restroom of the District Council. Apart from this, there are some such hotels, which provide every kind of facilities for the tourists, the Anand Hotel, Dhami Hotel, Emperor Hotel, Hotel Jyoti, Jyotirmai Hotel, Lakshmi Hotel, Win Hotel, Karki Hotel, Alankar Hotel, King Hotel, Trishul Hotel etc.

Autumn Festival : Arrangements are made on behalf of 'Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam' for tourists. A 'Autumn Caliculture Festival' is celebrated here in the autumn itself. A cultural festival of Pithoragarh is shown in this festival fair. Beautiful and beautiful dances are organized.

Shopping : Pithoragarh also has the sale of local industry items. Many things are created by the state border industry. There is a good demand for shoes, wool garments, and items made from Kiggal. The salon buys these items from here. Entertainment Apart from the cinema halls at Pithoragarh, there is also a stadium and Nehru Yuva Kendra. There are many means of entertainment. There are picnic sites Going to the tourist here can enjoy nature.

How to reach Pithoragarh:

By Flight : The nearest airport from Pithoragarh is Pantnagar Domestic Airport which lies in Nainital. Pithoragarh is 240 km away from the airport. You can take a flight from New Delhi.

By Train : By train, you can take a route till the Tanakpur Railway Station which is around 138 km far away from Pithoragarh.

By Taxi/Bus : You can take a wheeler vehicles to reach Pithoragarh easily from any station like Tanakpur, Almora, Nainital, and other nearby locations.