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Ranikhet Travel Information Guide

Located in Uttarakhand state of India, Ranikhet is a beautiful Hills station. Ranikhet is also called Queen of Hills. Nature has made it in leisure moments. There is a living testimony of this; It is a pleasant atmosphere, and the thick forest of cedar, the elaborate cliffs spread far and wide, the cold winds, the flowers covered with flowers, the mind-boggling fields and the peerless twists of the birds.

Tourists from all over the world come here to visit this beautiful city, which is about 1830 meters above sea level. This town was once used to be a favorite place of the British. This is proof of this. A magnificent building made by the British which still promotes the beauty of this city. Pollution free this mountainous region is a favorite destination for nature lovers. Walking between the thick trees of the cheeks offers different enjoyment in itself. Ranikhet season and Ranikhet's temperature is also very pleasant and pleasant.

Top 10 Tourist Places in Ranikhet

Chaubatia : The distance from the Ranikhet to Chaubatia is about 10 kilometers. Chaubatia is known for its beautiful garden. The government park and fruit research center are also visible here. The main attraction of Chaubatia is its beautiful waterfall. The surface of which falling marble-like water binds the Salanio in its attraction.

Golf course : Surrounded by the trees of Chead, this beautiful golf course is located 5 kilometers away from the Ranikhet, on the Rani Khet Almouda road. Beautiful green and velvet grass, this golf course attracts foreign tourists as well as native tourists. There is also a rest house for golf players, which has all kinds of comfort facilities.

Sheetlakhet : The distance of the Sheetlakhet from the Ranikhet is approximately 35 kilometers. Sheetla farm is a very beautiful tourist destination. Currently the beauty of the site is being developed by the administration. There is a great hotel and a government rest house for stay. This is also an ideal place for tracking lovers. Apart from this, the beautiful scenery of nature is enough to attract the Salanio.

Dholikhet : From here the snow-covered scene of the Himalayan mountain range looks very beautiful. It is also a suitable place to celebrate a picnic.

Beautiful views of Ranikhet

Dwarahat : The distance of Dwarahat from the Ranikhet is approximately 32 kilometers. Dwarahat has its own archaeological significance among the green plates. There are 65 temples of architecture which is specially visible. Here the Himalaya philosophy has its own fun.

Dunagiri : The distance of Dunaagiri from Dwarahat is about 14 kilometers. Dunagiri is a beautiful tourist destination. From here the Himalaya's philosophy is very clear and beautiful. This place is considered very important in terms of tourism. There are many temples on this mountain top. Visitors can not stay without visitors.

Under labor : Majkhali is located on Almora Road. From here also the beautiful scenes of the vast hillside of the Himalayas appear. Here, the natural beauty of the tourists leaves its indelible impression on the mind. This is also an ideal place for photography lovers.

Khadi Bazar : Khadi Bazar is the main market of Ranikhet. In the British era, the market was known as "Mayo Street". From this market you can buy goods of local woodwork by bargaining.

Bhalu Dam : Bhalu Dam is located about 3 kilometers away from Chaubatia. This place is an ideal destination for fishing and boating.

How to reach Ranikhet

The distance from Kathgodam to Ranikhet is about 75 km. You can easily reach Kathgodam by train. The further distance from Kathgodam can be decided by bus or taxi.
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