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Tehri – Tehri Tourism

Tehri district lies in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand state of India. This place is situated in between mountains which is very beautiful. A large number of tourists come every year to roam here. This place is also famous as a religious place. Here you can roam in places such as Chamba, Budha Kedar Temple, Kempty Falls, Devprayag etc. The natural beauty here attracts a large number of tourists. Let's tell you that recently the new Tehri town of "Tehri Garhwal" has been included in the list of the most developed cities in the country.

History of Tehri

The name of this district is named after two separate names of Tehri and Garhwal. Where Tehri is made from the word 'Trihari', which means a place which wash three types of sins (which are born, by mansa, verb, karma), the second word is made out of 'gadh', which means the fort. Before the 888, the entire Garhwal region was divided into small 'strongholds', in which separate kings ruled, which were known as 'Rana', 'Rai' or 'Thakur'. Its old name is considered as Ganesha Prayag.
It is said that the Prince of Malwa, Kanakpal once went to the Darshan of Badrinath (now in the district of Chamoli) where he met the powerful King Bhanu Pratap. Raja Bhanu Pratap was very impressed with him, he married his only daughter with Kanakpal and also gave him his kingdom. Gradually, Kanakpal and his next generations increased his kingdom by winning all the fortifications one by one. In this way, until 1803, the Garhwal area was occupied by Sara (in 918 years).
In those years, Gurkhas failed to attack (attempt to capture Langur Garhi), but in 1803, the Gurkhas wins in a battle of Dehradun, in which King Pradhuman Shah was killed. His prince son (Sudarshan Shah), who was very small at the time. Slowly Gurkhas dominated and ruled them for nearly 12 years. Their kingdom spread to Kangra, then Gurkhas were expelled from Maharaja Ranjit Singh with the help of East India Company.
The East India Company again merged Kumaon, Dehradun and East (East) Garhwal into the British Empire and gave it to West Garhwal Raja Sudarshan Shah, then known as Tehri Princes.
Raja Sudarshan Shah made his capital city Tehri or Tehri, later his successor Pratap Shah, Kirti Shah and Narendra Shah founded Pratap Nagar, Kirti Nagar and Narendra Nagar respectively in the capital of this state. These three kings ruled from 1815 to 1949. Then, during the Quit India Movement, the people here too took part in a huge uprising. After independence, in the minds of the people, the desire to be liberated from the rule of the kings started to grow. It was difficult for the Maharaja to rule now. And finally 60th King Manvendra Shah confessed to becoming one with India. In this way, in 1949, the district of Tehri was merged with Uttar Pradesh to make it a district of the same name. Later in the year 24, 1960, the Uttar Pradesh government separated its tehsil and made the District on one side of the Uttarkashi name.

Place to visit in Tehri

Dhanaulti : Dhanaulti is a village, which is located 25 kilometers away from Chamba. This village is surrounded by oak, pine and evergreen plants (like the rose). This village is the perfect place to spend holidays and picnics. This village is surrounded by forests and snow-covered mountains all around. This place is also known as a very peaceful place, which is why the tourist is more crowded here.

Narendra Nagar : Narendra Nagar is situated at a distance of 14 kilometers from Muni-Ki-rati. This place is located at an altitude of 1,129 meters above sea level.

Chamba : Chamba is located 60 kilometers from Mussoorie and 48 kilometers from Narender Nagar. This place is located at an altitude of 1676 meters above sea level. The beautiful view of the snow-covered Himalayan mountains and the Bhagirathi valley can be seen here. Chamba is also famous for its delicious apples. This place is situated 22 kilometers from Devprayag. To reach Chandrabandani, you will have to go to the train from the Devprayag with Jamnani Khal and go to the Nakhari and Jurana Band. It is also a romantic place, in Uttarakhand, there are three siddhis of Mother Surkhada, Kunjapuri and Chandrabandani, whose philosophy you can stand in one of the above three buildings, it is believed that the sacrifice of Lord Shiva by King Daksh Because of not calling in the mother Sati, she sacrificed her life in the yagna kund. After this, Lord Shiva took Sati from the havan and kept it on his shoulders. In this way, he continued to roam around Sati for many years. After this, Lord Vishnu cut the body of Mother Sati through his Sudarshan Chakra in 52 parts. In the name of Chandrabanshi, the part of the body of the body of Mother Sati became popular with the name of Surakanda and Kunjapuri. There are also many other smaller temples around the temple. Every year, a large fair is held in this place in Navaratri. At first there was a big practice of sacrifice at first, in which the sacrifice of a buffalo and goat was given, and this practice was stopped by Swami (self) Manamathan's tireless efforts, you can go here by foot, Maa Chandrabadi There is a small town situated in the footsteps of Anjaney Sane, which is located 2 km away from the Catholithi village, from here, you can start your journey to Chandrabhadni by walking through Ghogas.

How to reach Tehri

By Flight : The nearest airport is the Jolly grant Airport. Tehri is 93 kilometers away from Jolly grant.

By Train : Rishikesh is the nearest railway station. Tehri is situated 76 kilometers away from Tehri.

By Road : New Tehri is connected to many important routes like Dehradun, Mussoorie, Haridwar, Pauri, Rishikesh and Uttarkashi etc. The taxi can also be visited by nearby places.

Best Time to visit Tehri?

The best time to visit Tehri is between June to October.